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All-purpose fandom communities listing

Do you want to discuss fandom, read fanfics, or what? There might just be a community for that.

All the general fandom communities I'm aware of will be listed here, including discussion communities, fandom-specific kink memes, and fandom-specific fic communities. If you know of one I missed, comment here.

Not all of these communities are currently active, but that's the beautiful thing about Dreamwidth: It doesn't need to be active for you to jump in and start posting. Or: You can make your own community here -- for fandom, fanfic, or whatever else you want!

Fandoms with * are inactive

General Fandom

*[community profile] fandomtalk
[community profile] fandomsecrets (PostSecret-inspired fandom secrets community)
[community profile] fandomcalendar (Fandom events listing)
[community profile] fandom_on_dw (Promo comm)
[community profile] fancake (Fanwork recs)
[community profile] girlgay (Femslash)
[community profile] saffic (Femslash)
[community profile] anime_manga
[community profile] crossovers
[community profile] girlgamers
*[community profile] drama_llamas (Asian dramas)
*[community profile] anime
*[community profile] gaming
*[community profile] kinkmemes
Masterlist of Masterlists of Communities on Dreamwidth



[community profile] aceattorney
*[community profile] agents_of_shield
[community profile] theamericans
*[community profile] animorphs
[community profile] snk (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin)
*[community profile] general_korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra)


*[community profile] stoneybrook (Babysitters Club)
[community profile] babysitters100 (Babysitters Club fic community)
[community profile] blackbutler
[community profile] kuroshitsuji_kink (Black Butler kink meme)
[community profile] bleach
[community profile] bleach100 (Bleach drabble community)


[community profile] constantine_nbc


[community profile] danganronpa
*[community profile] defiance_tv
*[community profile] deltoraquest
*[community profile] digimon
*[community profile] disney_pocs (Disney characters of color)
*[community profile] doctorwho
[community profile] everything_who (Doctor Who)
[community profile] dwfiction (Doctor Who fanfic)
[community profile] dw100 (Doctor Who drabble challenge community)
[community profile] skyhold_fortress (Dragon Age)
[community profile] peopleofthedas (Dragon Age)
[community profile] durarara


*[community profile] mountjoys (Eternal Law)


*[community profile] fatal_frame
*[community profile] finalfantasy
*[community profile] ff7_fanfiction (Final Fantasy VII)
*[community profile] ffspiritswithin (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)
*[community profile] fire_emblem
[community profile] frfr (Free!)
[community profile] iwatobiswimclub (Free! kink meme)
*[community profile] fm_alchemist
*[community profile] hagaren (Fullmetal Alchemist)
[community profile] fma_yaoi


[community profile] gazette_fans (GazettE)
*[community profile] gleefemslash


*[community profile] new_mombasa (Halo)
[community profile] harrypotter
[community profile] hetalia
[community profile] hikarunogo
[community profile] dreamwidthbubble (Homestuck)
*[community profile] whatpumpkin (Homestuck)
*[community profile] homesmut (Homestuck kink meme)
[community profile] mspa_updates (Homestuck update discussion community)
*[community profile] hunterxhunter




[community profile] kamenrider
[community profile] hitmanreborn (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
[community profile] kingdomhearts
*[community profile] happycafe (For the works of Kou Matsuzuki)
[community profile] kuroko_no_basket


[community profile] labzero
[community profile] last_of_us
*[community profile] left4_genfic (Left 4 Dead gen fanfic)
[community profile] legendofzelda
*[community profile] triworks (Legend of Zelda fanworks)
[community profile] thelibrarians_tv
*[community profile] middleearthkink (Lord of the Rings/The Silmarillion kink meme)


[community profile] marvelcomics
[community profile] marvelous_heroines (Marvel Comics female characters)
[community profile] mediatorfans (Meg Cabot's The Mediator
*[community profile] the_dakotaverse (Milestone Media)
[community profile] ponyville_trot (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
*[community profile] mythology_kink (Mythology kink meme)


*[community profile] naruto
*[community profile] natsumeyuujinchou


[community profile] oofuri (Ookiku Furikabutte)
[community profile] oofurikink


*[community profile] pacific_rim
*[community profile] ppdc_shatterdome (Pacific Rim)
*[community profile] persona4
[community profile] pokemon
[community profile] pokefics (Pokemon fanfiction)
[community profile] pokeprompts (Pokemon prompt challenge community)
*[community profile] the_tenth_power (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers In Space)
*[community profile] prince_of_persia
*[community profile] pop_fanfiction (Prince of Persia fanfic)
*[community profile] remindsmeofapuzzle (Professor Layton)



*[community profile] ranger_gen (Power Rangers/Super Sentai genfic)
*[community profile] command_line (ReBoot)
[community profile] residentevilmov (Resident Evil movies)
*[community profile] residentevilfic
*[community profile] utena_revolution (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
[community profile] rooster_teeth


[community profile] sailormoon
*[community profile] saiyuki
*[community profile] samuraiflamenco
[community profile] megaten (Shin Megami Tensei)
*[community profile] sleepy_hollow
*[community profile] soulcaliburkink
[community profile] southparkslash
*[community profile] sujufics (Super Junior)
*[community profile] sutepri (Scrapped Princess)
[community profile] sentai (Super Sentai)


[community profile] talesof
*[community profile] theworldendswithyou
[community profile] tigerandbunny
*[community profile] tokuborg (Tokusatsu)
*[community profile] tokupicturespam
*[community profile] new_raider_fans (Tomb Raider)
*[community profile] torchwood
*[community profile] tron_genfic
*[community profile] typemoonicons


*[community profile] drakesfortune (Uncharted)
*[community profile] uncharted_fics



*[community profile] beware_walkers (The Walking Dead)
*[community profile] walker_graphics (The Walking Dead graphics)
*[community profile] musou (Koei's Warriors)
*[community profile] weiss_kreuz
[community profile] nightvale_dogpark (Welcome to Night Vale)
*[community profile] jossed (Whedonverse)
*[community profile] kinda_gay (Whedonverse LGBT)
*[community profile] thewonders (Wonder Woman universe)
*[community profile] world_of_warcraft



*[community profile] yami_no_matsuei
*[community profile] yowapeda (Yowamushi Pedal)